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Knightguard Security Roller Grills and Shutters

JMR Engineering provides a supply and installs service for roller grilles and shutters, perfect for keeping your commercial property safe and secure.

Knightguard Security Roller Grills


JMR Engineering Ltd provides a supply and install service for  Knightguard Roller Grilles and Shutters, perfect for keeping your residential or commercial property safe and secure.

Quality and dependability are combined with innovative design to produce a wide range of versatile roller security solutions.

Every installation is different so Knightguard Roller Grilles and Shutters are custom made then expertly installed by JMR Engineering.

Ideal for shop fronts, arcades, bar tops, cafeterias, shop windows and homes susceptible to weather damage.


The models range from Econolink, Shuttergrille, Visionline, Ultra security, and Intercept to meet your individual requirements.

All grilles are available with either manual spring balanced operation using a helical wound torsion springs inside a central axle or alternatively Automation is available with the addition of a tubular motor especially for the larger Roller Grilles and Shutters because of their size.

The color finish is generally satin anodised aluminium but some designs can be powdercoated to a standard Dulux Duraloy or Duratec colour.

 For locking purposes both the Knight Guard Rollergrilles and Intercept Roller Shutters are constructed using a double throw pin cylinder key locking system.

This System activates two concealed locking bars located into slots in the side guides. These are standard for manual operation and optional for motorized operation.

For your Rollergrille or Rollershutter solution contact the sales team at JMR Engineering for expert advice.

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