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Roof Access

JMR Engineering is a New Zealand agent and installer for Juralco Industrial products, including Guardsafe, Ampligrips, and Walkmaster commercial and industrial personnel access ways.

Roof Access


JMR Engineering is a NZ approved supplier and installer of Juralco Industrial Aluminium products, including Guardsafe, Ampligrip and Walkmaster Roof access and personnel walkways.

Never has safety in the work place had a higher priority. When thinking of Roof access and industrial plant Platforms the most important things that comes to mind is Safety first, followed by initial costs, durability and continuing maintenance.

When considering safety, cost, durable and maintenance free Roof Access solutions look no further than our Aluminium, Ampligrip, Walkmaster and Guardsafe products.

The ampligrip, walkmaster and guardsafe aluminium roof access products are ideal for Roof walkways, Marinas, Plant rooms, Industrial stair cases, Sewerage treatment plants, Theatre back stage elevated lighting and gantry access, Bulk grain storage access, Wine vat access, Dairy factory plant access, Flammable product access areas or for any number of industrial and commercial building applications


The Ampligrip lightweight aluminium gratings are suitable for most types of corrosive environments and ideal as a non-sparking floor where flammable liquids are stored. Ampligrip offers six grating options and stair treads. Ampligrip is an ideal roof mounted platform when intergrated with guardsafe hand rails.


The Walkmaster system is most suitable for a wide range of roof profiles and configurations providing easy access to service roof top plant such as air conditioning and ventilation equipment.
Walkmaster Roof walkway can be installed without having to follow purlin locations unlike heavier constructed alternative systems. Imagine the Walkmaster roof walkway system without the handrails weighs less than 7kgs per meter and thus exerts only 0.12kn additional Dead Load to the existing roof.

GUARDSAFE hand rail systems

The Guardsafe handrail systems can be mechanically assembled on site using basic tools and much reduced labour when compared to steel and timber installations.
No site welding and often cranage is not required.
The Guardsafe system can span over 8 meters.

These products take the complication out of the design for roof and industry access ways and because they are lightweight aluminium the roofing Contractor is happy
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We provide a free site measure, CAD design and an installation service.

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